Black Seas: French Navy Fleet (1770-1830)

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The French Navy has a history of highs and lows, both in terms of successes in battle and in the number and quality of its ships. In the mid-1700s, after the defeats of the Seven Years’ War, the French Navy was at a nadir. However, due to the efforts of Louis XV and later Louis XVI, France rebuilt and reinforced its fleets with well-designed and well-built ships. You can read more about the French Navy in the Age of Sail here


    3 plastic frigates
    6 plastic brigs
    3 plastic third rates
    1 resin & metal first-rate
    1 bomb ships base
    A selection of Metal figureheads and backplates to make famous French Navy Ships:
    French Navy Flags, Sails & rigging sheets + Bobbin for Rigging
    Game cards and wake markers