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Judge Dredd: Block Gang Reinforcements

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The ranks of the many Mega-City One gangs are made up of juves, punks, and lieutenants amongst others.

Starting as early as the tender age of six years old, the majority of juves carry melee weapons although some may have low-grade firearms.

Low-level gang members, punks are the foot soldiers of the organisation, acting as extra muscle when necessary.

Gang lieutenants coordinate the day-to-day activities of the gang and are usually permitted to organise heists and run their own rackets as long as they bring in the creds and continue to show respect and fealty to the boss.

Box contains:

    3 Warlord resin Block Gang miniatures
    Plastic bases
    2 unit cards
    1 Armoury card: Concussion Grenade
    1 Big Meg card: Hit the dirt, spuggers!