Beyond the Gates of Antares Strike on Kar'A Nine - Starter Set

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Strike on Kar’A Nine is a new introductory set for Beyond the Gates of Antares containing forces for both the Algoryn and the Concord, with dice, rules and templates plus a fold-out battle mat and cut-out terrain – everything you need to get started with the game.

Strike on Kar’A Nine contains:

    1 64 page mini rulebook
    1 44 page Getting Started Book
    6 Order dice (3 Maroon & 3 Olive Green)
    1 pin marker frame
    1 blue templates frame
    15 Algoryn troopers
    10 C3 Concord troopers and spotter drones
    2 C3D1 Concord Light Support Drones
    1 set of polyhedral dice
    1 paper battle mat
    2 cut out scenery sheets

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted