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Victory at Sea: Royal Navy Submarines & MTB sections

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Submarines: Designed for use in North European and Mediterranean waters, the S-class was manoeuvrable with a noted ability to crash dive extremely quickly. Combined with a large salvo of torpedoes, this was a successful design of pre-war years that was soon updated and put back into production.

MTBs: The Fairmile A was designed from the outset to use prefabricated components that could be produced by small businesses such as furniture manufacturers, which would then be assembled at shipyards. Capable of 25 knots, it mounted a 3-pounder gun and a pair of .303 machine guns, as well as Depth Charge.

Box contains:

    S-Class Submarines x 3
    Fairmile MTB sections (A,B,C & D) x 4
    Ship Cards